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Los Angeles wants to turn active hotels into homeless shelters (

Please read this article. It is putting on the ballot in 2024 an ordinance that would require hotels to house homeless people. The hotels would by 2 pm have to "post" vacant rooms available and give them to homeless people.

If this were to pass in 2024.... It would kill any tourism or business in LA. Why would someone want to get a hotel room and then have to deal with HOMELESS in it. Think about it... possible drug use, possible mental illness, possible safety issues, etc. Why would a corporate business want to send people to LA when this could happen? Why would you want to go watch a sporting event: Dodgers, Angels, Kings, Ducks, Rams, Chargers, Clippers, Lakers, Sparks, Galaxy, UCLA, USC, Rose Bowl, etc. BTW the Olympics will be there in 2028.

Think of it this way.... Tom Brady could be in a hotel with a bunch of homeless people when Tampa plays one of those teams. Or (insert any top athlete).

Just really sit back and think about this. They want to FORCE a private company to do things to hurt its image. This is another reason why not to go to CA.... LOL But it was a unanimous decision by the City Council to bring this to a vote. I know I would be voting out those council members ASAP.
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