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Do any of you use those snow goose kites? I know a guy that use to have a lease in Texas and he said they made all the difference. Is it the same in ND or is there too much wind?

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Never used them. Maybe I'll have to buy some, you can always use a new toy in the spread.
We did use kites on Canada's last year in the early season and had great success in attracting birds towards the decoys. Tom had a Outlaw kite that was rigged to a fishing reel with the line run through a eyelet at the edge of the decoys. He would crank it down tight to the ground as they got close enough to flag.

I ordered one from Outlaw about the time they went toes up did not get it. Still looking.
Ron I think there is a place in TX that makes them. I think Texas is in there name. They make windsocks, rags, white coats, crane decoys. I think they sell the kites for like 15 bucks for 3 of them. I hear they are pretty cheaply made (probably so people don't cry if they get shot up)(not that anyone would mistake a kite for a goose) however they are effective. I guess I have another thing to add to my list! Good thing I have a part time job! :eyeroll: Leo
your'e right Porkchop...those are from Texas Hunting Products and they are cheap.Won't last very long.

The one Ron is talking about is called a Jackkite....not to be confused with Killer Kites. That look similar but not as good.The Jackkites have wings that flap.
If anyone has access to them or knows someplace that has them give me a shout. Cabela and Bass pro do not have any left.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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