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In reading that hip dysplasia thread, it has me worried about what I may have to deal with down the road. I have a few questions.

Can you run a dog too much???? I have a 2.5yr old lab who is just full of energy. I run him pretty much every day. Some days, more than others. Our usual run is around 3 miles, 20-25MPH. He runs on the shoulder of the road or in the ditch. When I have him in the vehicle scouting, he wants to run all fricken night. Drives me nuts. So I kick him out of the vehicle. He may run up to 6-7 miles those days, not continuosly. Will running him that fast/long cause problems down the road????

I haven't researched this yet, but what are the best supplements/products to be giving a dog right now to prevent problems down the road? What do you use? Have you noticed any differences in your dog?

My dog is not overweight and is in great shape. I have been working the piss and vinegar out of him all summer to get him in great shape for this early August season. But it seems like the more I run him, the more he wants to fricken run. Can you over do it??? BTW, I do other stuff with him as well: swimming, yard training, walks, ect. But he loves to fricken run. If I'm worried about nothing, just tell me.

Thank you.

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IMO dont run him daily and dont run him over 10-15 mph.

Walk or swim him on the off days
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