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How many sportsmen and women on here remember the things old Joe has done in the past?
Did any of you know old Joe was the guy who wrote the original assault weapons ban? No AR15 if Joe has anything to say.
Joe at one time also introduced a bill to ban all semi-atuo firearms. S 1970
S 1805 and S 1607 Joe voted to ban hundreds of models of common rifles and shotguns.
The senate passed HR 1025 and Joe voted for a five day waiting period on all handgun sales.
S 397 Joe voted against the bill to protect the firearms industry from frivolous lawsuits.
Joe also voted against confirming pro-second amendment justices to the Supreme Court.

Good Ole Joe, if you belong to any anti firearms groups, and if you want to know about Obama just read your current American Rifleman. Everyone already knows. It's just that some of our self described intellectuals are in a state of denial and if we repeat this often enough it may sink in eventually.
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