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Job opportunity at Mesaba Airlines

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A crew scheduling position recently opened in my department at Mesaba Airlines. If there is anyone interested in an airline related career, this is a good opportunity to get your foot in the door.

For more info, check out the employment section at You can also email me at [email protected] with any questions.

Here is a copy of the job description:


Job Title: Crew Scheduler
Department: System Operation Control/SOC
Location: MSP
Reports To: Supervisor, Crew Scheduling
Pay Type: Hourly - Crew Scheduling pay table


To maintain the integrity of the flight schedule by ensuring all flights are fully staffed.


1. Assign and cover open flying in accordance with the Pilot Contract, Flight Attendant Manual and applicable Federal Air Regulations.
2. Utilize a customer service approach in dealing with the pilot and flight attendant group.
3. Maintain and manage crewmember's schedules during the period from final line release to the end of the next bid month.
4. Be pro-active to recognize and resolve daily operational irregularities.
5. Coordinate deadheading crewmembers.
6. Coordinate for hotel accommodations not previously scheduled.
7. Process crewmember trip trades.
8. Coordinate with Dispatch and Maintenance Control for any charter, test, ferry and reposition flights.
9. Update the crew tracking system with operational changes to the schedule.
10. Review and manage the crew check in system.
11. Perform other duties as assigned.


Minimum Education and/or Experience Required:
High school diploma or equivalent required. College degree/relative experience preferred.
Aviation experience recommended and/or customer service experience
Knowledgeable in FAR's
Computer experience recommended

Skills Required:
Good oral and written skills

Working Conditions:
Office environment

Working Hours:
10 hour shifts working four days on with three days off including evenings, weekends and holidays.
Primary shifts begin at 0400hrs and 1400hrs

Training Requirements:
Ability to learn specific job knowledge, related computer skills, and applicable decision making processes.
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Another position has opened so I thought I'd bump this to the top in case any recent graduates are job hunting.
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