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I just seen this on another site. Haven't heard the ad myself.

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to give you all a FYI -

Please be advised ... to all who have heard a recent United States political ad on the radio, the person speaking is NOT Jim Shockey. We have received many e-mails from fans who have mis-heard the person's name.

This radio ad is approved by the Obama campaign, and the speaker is Ray Schoenke, the president of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA). He pronounces his name such that it sounds like "Shockey." Jim, obviously, has no affiliation with this group.

We would GREATLY appreciate it if all of you who read this would help to clear Jim's good name. As you can imagine, Jim has taken some unfair criticism as a result of this mistaken identity.

The fact that people don't take the time to investigate the facts before they lash out has caused substantial confusion. Many of Jim's TV sponsors, licensees and business partners have received e-mails and phone calls from angry consumers saying that they will never again buy their products. As you can see, this kind of error on the part of folks who rush to judgment can turn into more than just a rumor. It can begin to impact on a person's livelihood and reputation.

Here is a statement from Jim: "I am 100 percent for gun ownership by law-abiding citizens. As a Canadian I cannot vote in U.S. elections, of course, but I would never ever support any candidate who is anti-gun."

Thank you for your support and helping to spread the word. Please consider forwarding this important statement of fact to any and all persons on your e-mail list so that they can help us to clear Jim's good name.
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