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Remember Trump help bring the price of this stuff down....

But wait.... ... 6114117636

JUST IN: White House budget office approves Biden administration plan to retract insulin, epinephrine discounts - Fox Business
Yeah... I thought dem's were for cheaper meds and stuff.... :poke: :poke:

They kick and scream about "health care" and what not... but then do something like this.

YEAH PEOPLE THINK ABOUT IT!!!! No matter what happens it seems all they want to do is push the USA towards SOCIALIZED medicine. Which I have gone over and over how it wouldn't work in the USA.... sorry it just wouldn't. People are too impatient and can't "wait" like in other countries. Also our goverment is too corrupt... what I mean is.. LOBBYING!!!! Big Pharma is in everyones pocket.

If you want a perfect example of how things work.... LOOK AT HOW COVID VACCINATIONS were handed out. They regulated who, when, and where you could get them.

Some might say that COVID vaccinations show it was a success.... It shows the roll out was and developement was. But look how the goverment stepped in and said... ONLY THESE PEOPLE CAN GET IT.... Then ONLY THESE PEOPLE CAN GET IT..... Then... ONLY THESE PEOPLE CAN GET IT..... Or... You can only get the shot here.... and here... and here. There is a reason why people from other countries come to the USA to get things done. These are people who are from socialized medical countries. It isn't because "they dont offer" the stuff in their country... it is because there are long lines, waits, etc. Like I mentioned... The USA citizens are too impatient. :bop:


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