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I'm bringing this question to a new topic ???

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Before we just go - oh well, it's over, we lost ???

I hope the e tree is used one last time - to ask all to write the Govenor & Director of Game & Fish Dept. & ask - what is the plan now ??? Because it is back in their laps - If nothing is said, it will be a signal to them, that we really don't care. That it turned out, with the group who made the least waves & out-cry for change, lost = (US) ??? - If they don't hear from all who were really disappointed in the failure of 2048 - this is what will happen.

I sent both the Govenor & Director a letter the next day & have not heard back from either ???
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Sending an email can't hurt but I think getting a good turn out for the advisory board meetings would be even better.
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