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The etree isn't going anywhere. It'll only grow, and over time we'll be the voice of many more thousand. Legislation has moved so fast in other states that there wasn't a media at the time to save their hunting. This is a media that's live to the minute, and can reach so many at a moments notice. Your right to hunt in general, and I'm speaking at a national level as well, has to be fought. Wherever the playing field is, we have to show up. I hope that a few minutes of everyone's time is worth saving what you love for the future, and with that I hope the etree continues to grow.

I'm sure everyone knows a couple guys they hunt with that...well...just don't seem to have the time to worry... These are the people that you need to reach, as most people aren't aware of what's really going on. When it's taken away... they're willing to fight but then is too late.

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