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I'm bringing this question to a new topic ???

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Before we just go - oh well, it's over, we lost ???

I hope the e tree is used one last time - to ask all to write the Govenor & Director of Game & Fish Dept. & ask - what is the plan now ??? Because it is back in their laps - If nothing is said, it will be a signal to them, that we really don't care. That it turned out, with the group who made the least waves & out-cry for change, lost = (US) ??? - If they don't hear from all who were really disappointed in the failure of 2048 - this is what will happen.

I sent both the Govenor & Director a letter the next day & have not heard back from either ???
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Fetch, check your notice of 4/03 requesting Governor contact about 1358 (there's a 2048 message in there too). We're in a lull right now, with two of the more prominent bills, 1050 and 1223, in conf. comm. When they get reported out and ready for floor action again, we'll crank up the ol' etree again. Governor Hoeven signed 1358 yesterday.
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