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I'm biting my Tongue real Hard over this

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Posted on Sun, Mar. 02, 2003

So far, session a winner for N.D. hunters
By Brad Dokken
Herald Staff Writer

Waterfowl issues aside, Rep. Darrell Nottestad, R-Grand Forks, says North Dakota resident hunters have fared well so far this legislative session because bills that call for slight increases in hunting license fees both for residents and nonresidents will provide more than $3 million for securing additional hunting access.

"Everything we've done in the House up to this point has been done with the idea of trying to get more accessible hunting area for North Dakota hunters, to try to get away from the so-called fee hunting that's happening," Nottestad, a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, said. "I think the resident hunter at this point has gained a lot. If we don't have money, we can't do anything, and this will provide money."

Even a bill that some years would open the state's pheasant season a week earlier sailed through the House without controversy. After last winter's Pheasantgate debacle in which Gov. John Hoeven tried to establish a similar regulation who'd a thunk it?

A total of 48 hunting- and fishing-related bills were introduced during the first half of the session and 27 remained as of crossover, the period in which House bills have to clear the floor and move to the Senate, and vice versa.

Here are four to watch:

• SB2242: Would allow nonresidents to hunt during the early September Canada goose season without counting against their 14-day regular season period. This bill passed the Senate 45-0, but resident hunting interests have said they oppose relaxing the 14-day nonresident provision. The House Natural Resources Committee is scheduled to hear the bill at 8 a.m. Friday.

• HB1050: Would establish guides and outfitters with a new licensing and fee structure, penalties and an effective date. This bill, which has support from both resident hunters and tourism interests, passed the House 74-19 and now sits in the Senate Natural Resources Committee.

• HB1358: Would establish separate nonresident licenses for waterfowl and small game, and each license would cost $85. The nonresident small game license would would be limited to 10 consecutive days or any two periods of five consecutive days, but nonresidents could buy more than one of the licenses a year. Nonresident fishing licenses would increase to $32 for a season license, $20 for a seven-day license, $15 for a three-day license and $45 for a husband and wife. This bill passed the House 84-8 and gets its first Senate Natural Resources Committee hearing at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

• HB1391: Would increase a resident big game hunting license to $25 and youth big game license to $15. A nonresident big game hunting license would increase to $160. The bill passed the House 76-17 and will be heard in the Senate Natural Resources Committee at 9:15 a.m. Thursday.


We need to discuss Compromise ??? Seems to me we have only became born & learned to take Baby Steps & the Commercial side is now worried & wants us to compromise ??? I was taught not to compromise on Core - Honest - Good - Beliefs ??? :eyeroll:

But maybe there are somethings ???
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I can see the fire in your belly Fetch but remeber we have to educate and communicate with our elected officals, I heard Sat. that MR Nelson is putting a full court press on to replace 2048 with his bill though amendments.[1307] We need to stay the course show up in numbers look what happened to Corp. farm 1396. Gov. Hoven. came out and spoke against this bill when 300 farmers showed up.

We need that same type of turnout, and for those that cannot get to Bismarck. Make sure you send your concerns to your Rep. I heard once again that e-mails telephone messages and personel contact goes along way with them.

We need every vote so be polite and patient and place firm but respectful pressure to make sure the right thing gets done in Bismarck.
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