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I'm a lost cause...

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I was in Watertown last weekend and I spent some time with my fiance and her family at the zoo. If you ever get down there check it out. There was tons of waterfowl from exotic geese to trumpetors. But I was checking out the 12 snows/blues hanging off the water. 2 of them had leg bands, and the other 10 didn't so I'm not sure which are tame of if some eventually became domesticated. I didn't see any signs of goslings, so I'm not sure if they bred or not.

Here's where I'm a lost cause. They had one of those vending machines for corn, which I used up about $3 worth on the geese. Except for ecallers I've never heard individual snow geese feed up close, and it was pretty interesting to hear all the different variations of feeds sounds they make. A lot of murmurs and squeaks and combinations of the two.

Next time I'll bring my snow call with to further imitate, I guess I have a lot of work to do on my feed calls. Nothing beats learning from the real thing! :lost:
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You will see a few guys running the Salt Water series engines on inland lakes.

The Salt Water engine is basically the same engine, but they do have different o-rings, seals, etc... for a salt water environment.

Since any water in the engine can be a bad thing, this is an additional option that would make this even less likely if you choose the Salt Water series.
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