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Ice Fishing Tackle

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What are the best types of ice fishing rod & reels for catching perch, walleye & pike.
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i use dave genz lightning series rods for perch and eyes. they work great. the one i use for perch says "1-4" on it and the one for eyes says "2-6". that must have something to do with the size of the rods.. i went into scheels and tested all of them by bending them to find which would be best for each species. these rods don't come with reels and you have to buy those seperate, the ice reels only cost about 9 dollars i think.. don't buy any of those combo rods that come with rods and reels because they're usually piles of sh*t
Most combos are junk, but try some of them out.I've spent only $20 for some very nice combos.They just didn't have the brand name.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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