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One of the largest problems with power belts is people want to drive them to hard and they will go all over the place. Drop the charge back to around 70 to 80 grains of powder. Most of the people I know with the TC Omega are shooting between 80 and 110 grains of powder with a normal sabot and bullet.
No need to run the brush down the bore between shots. a damp patch will work fine followed by a dry one. I personally use a alchol dampened patch as they clean the bore and it dryus super quick.
I personally would go to loose powder. Easier to adjust a charge by 5 grains that way.

Big block 455 is a power belt guru and once had a blog about them now has a forum.

Try this site to calulate. ... tors.shtml

:D Al
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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