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I just posted this on a couple sites

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Ducks just hatched

I live & drive thru (every week) one of the wettest areas of ND. We had a big storm back in June & it was a gully washer. I have not seen any broods up until last weekend & now this weekend they are everywhere.

Glad to see it (the late renesting) - BUT they are considering opening the season a week earlier. Most of the rest of ND is average to very dry.

I don't know how much , of the total duck population comes from this wet area ??? But having a early season is ridiculus !!!

I hope not many of the young get shot ??? But with 60,000 hunters (mostly all come the 1st 3 weeks of the season) it is not going to be a good deal. Granted the 1st early week is for residents. (used to be for youth) ??? Our brilliant Govenor is cancelling the youth season - if the early opener is OKed by the USFWS I really wonder if the powers that be are as in touch with what is happening as they should be ???

Also because of the drought the state ( Govenor ) Let the farmers start haying recently - because of the drought West & South West. I wonder how many nests were lost due to this ??? Could'nt wait another week or two ??? But I doubt the experts even were aware of the late hatch. In order to advise him on this. SAD SAD SAD & crap like this happens all over - in the few wet areas ??? Who are the expert watchdogs that could make a huge difference ???
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The harvest will start in under two weeks for some so they have to put up hay NOW!
Just got back from the Circle of Friends Humane Society in GF. They have 1) a lab/spaniel cross 7months. 2) a black and white 3 year old springer. 3) a lab 9months. 4) a lab cross 3 or 4 year old. They will take your name for a special type of dog you like/want. They care for over 2000 animals ayear and are wonderful people. There is even a hunter and a cattle rancher on their board. This is not a radicle group just good Nodak folks. Now go get a dog besides at your age a girl friend is out of the guestion. :beer:
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