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I just posted this on a couple sites

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Ducks just hatched

I live & drive thru (every week) one of the wettest areas of ND. We had a big storm back in June & it was a gully washer. I have not seen any broods up until last weekend & now this weekend they are everywhere.

Glad to see it (the late renesting) - BUT they are considering opening the season a week earlier. Most of the rest of ND is average to very dry.

I don't know how much , of the total duck population comes from this wet area ??? But having a early season is ridiculus !!!

I hope not many of the young get shot ??? But with 60,000 hunters (mostly all come the 1st 3 weeks of the season) it is not going to be a good deal. Granted the 1st early week is for residents. (used to be for youth) ??? Our brilliant Govenor is cancelling the youth season - if the early opener is OKed by the USFWS I really wonder if the powers that be are as in touch with what is happening as they should be ???

Also because of the drought the state ( Govenor ) Let the farmers start haying recently - because of the drought West & South West. I wonder how many nests were lost due to this ??? Could'nt wait another week or two ??? But I doubt the experts even were aware of the late hatch. In order to advise him on this. SAD SAD SAD & crap like this happens all over - in the few wet areas ??? Who are the expert watchdogs that could make a huge difference ???
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In a normal year - I'd agree with the hay is more important than ducks. But this drought around this area is severe. & this area is extremely wet. I think the hatch is going to be very low. Even here the odds are against the birds.

I have been told it takes 45 to 60 days to reach flight maturity ???

Plus could'nt this area have been put off for haying for a couple weeks if they had known about this late hatch occuring ???

I'm also hearing the same around the country (late hatch) including Canada ???

I would think the error would be on the side a Caution or Conservation ??? Instead of $$$ and extending our season ???

Like many have said is it only a way to let the southern hunters get their extensions ??? Let us have a week early (shooting eclipse ducks) ??? Plus a pacifer due to the pheasant problems ???

Losing the youth season for this is terrible.

States do not have to have a early season.

Plus -if we thought it's been bad before with NR's, wait till they all crowd into the wet areas :roll: this year ???

This is a unusual year & should be looked at differently - but it seems that decisions are made for strange reasons ???

But who will listen ??? or care ??? anyway ???
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PS.........It is perfectly OK & normal to disagree with me. I kinda like it :D & never take it personal - except for AQ :peace:
Ha!!! those Chinese ditch Parrots :D they sure have made a monkey out of me over the years. I used to get so excited hunting them. Never really had a place that was easy (like you read about & hear from so many) getting limits is a couple hours for many people. We were road hunters early & late each day. Looking for places where not posted. & then see em picking gravel. Let the dogs out & try to get em up. - Then during the day walk CRP or alphalpha fields or sloughs & creek bottoms.

I have not specifically persued them for several years. (since the last time they were knocked back by weather.

Won't travel that far & deal with the hassles in the real prime pheasant areas. Even before pheasantgate :roll: would rather shoot ducks or geese or sharptails & prefer the areas they in over the messed up areas that pheasants are in.

Never have went to a pheasant farm or preserve. But can see that it would be just as fun & good for the dogs & alot cheaper & less stressful than freelancing for them. I'm without a good dog now & really miss having one. Hunting is just not the same without a good dog.

I hate to do the puppy thing again & most started dogs are way to expensive for me. If anyone ever knows anyone with a Lab or Chessie they can no longer keep, let me know. I & the dog would both be grateful.
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Thanks - I'll check it out - But I already have a 1/2 lab & 1/2 golden - I got just after my last (great) lab died. I was in to big of a hurry to have a hunting dog.(she was about 1 & 1/2 yrs old & a give away & looked great) She is the greatest pet & house dog in the world. But will never hunt. Is afraid of water - barely OK for upland. I have trained two great ones - But they were so easy, cause they had all the genetics.

I'd need one with true potential & instincts to retrieve - Mrs Fetch does'nt want another big dog. (she may have to go) :( Mrs Fetch that is :D & she would take Sammy (Samantha) with her. Now you got me thinking :-? A good dog & two 25 yr old girl friends sounds OK to me :lol:
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