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I can't get on??

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I know you are having problems with your host. I am still having problems getting on the site from home. It worked for a while but now I get the page that says you need to pay your bill. I can get on from school but it only gives me the January Edition. Is there anything I can do on my end?? Should I clear my cache, etc??? Let me know. Thanks, Robert

My ISP is Roadrunner. NC.RR.Com
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This is the hard part about switching hosts. I have to change the location of where the site is located at the place where I registered "nodak outdoors". Unfortunetly, some ISP's take longer than others to recognize the changes.

I know some people who were back up Wednesday morning, and now on Friday there's still a few who haven't. It's pretty much a waiting game, I can't imagine it'll last through the weekend.
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