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I am almost afraid to post this, but what the heck.

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An intersting column
in the Star Tribune about traveling Minnesota hunters.
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Nice article ??? I really get tired of folks not understanding what the concerns are :roll: Heck I'm going to Canada for the same reasons :D How spoiled are we ??? But that is one of the main concerns - to try not to become like them.

But it is interesting - I wonder how many spend very little in ND after they get here ??? Isn't there something like 120,000 waterfowlers in Minn ??? Then add the cheeseheads :roll: :wink:

I bet much less than 10% of the 15,000 use guides & outfitters - Then consider that more & more land gets bought or leased & not available to freelancers & you can see why some areas are getting overcrowded. But money is more important than hunting - right ??? :roll:

PS ... when I rant --- no one should take it personal - I go off in general directions - IF I go off on you - you will know it. & Chris will let me know if I go too far (???) Until then I wish there were more that liked to debate & not get mad :peace:
I agree ND has much bigger problems. Like a aging population (especially in rural ND towns)

& Yes I will vote for the tax incentives to keep ND young adults & maybe even draw some here.

But this is a hunting site & we discuss hunting issues.
& as long as ND is still alive - I choose to not buckle under to political pressure & SPIN. Just imagine how many freelance hunters ND could eventually allow & how enjoyable it could be to live here. If the use of our assets & resources were expanded to make freelance hunting better. CAUSE THAT IS WHAT THESES FOLKS COME FOR :roll: Don't ever roll over & give up on this. It is as important as any other issue. Cause ND won't survive without people & to get or keep people we need jobs & quality of life. I think our hunting & yes even fishing will be superior to many other states for along time to come. Maybe because we are less populated & not as used & abused as most other states. We need to promote our strengths & make up for why people donot naturally migrate here. & in a small way letting ND become a pay to hunt - posted game preserve. Will never never solve the problem. But I think, many do know what we have - it is one small (population wise)incentive to return or stay.
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I think that is a very real example of how our Legilature & NDG&FD has fell asleep.

Also how the ND Guide Assn. has been very sucessful (in the past) getting what they want.

You see when it comes time to introduce bills - All resident sportmen assume the NDG&FD are there protecting their interests, or pushing things that benefit us, the tax paying hunters. But remember they are not Political :roll: unless it effects their depts. budgets & programs near & dear to them. (Sure they are one of the Best in the Nation) but they have not been all we think they are. (& they admidt it) & unless there is a Director that gets Brave & Bold & has strong feelings on some of the same issues we do - then it ain't going to happen from them.

Who has spoke up (lobbied) when bills are introduced - the ND Guide Assn. & recently the Sportman Alliance & some Farm groups & a few experts, either from, or brought in by the NDG&FD. & sadly I think the Legislature, in the past, has thought of the ND Guide Assn. as being ND's best hunters & authorities on all things hunting & what they think is good must be good for all hunters. :roll: & now we have all learned the regional reps to the NDG &FD are not really intouch with what is going on, or what could be done. Plus they are lame ducks & need to be replaced. But how are they replaced ??? Appointments from the G&F Director, or the Govenor ??? & would we get really good - thinking - open minded & fair people - that are not afraid to brain storm things & say what they think, or just more of the same ??? :******: I feel this group is dominated by good ol boys that basically support their county commisioners. & really are not true resident (Freelance) Hunters. :(

I am hoping the Sportsman Alliance is building support - but they, thanks to negative lobbying by the Guides Assn, have had major set backs in credibility. & had nearly all NR's turned against them. & I don't know if were (all Hunters) any stronger now than last session??? What we need is another way to rally our side & tell the truth to groups that have only heard one side. We need a Legislator that sees our concerns & will carry the torch & write the bills & know how to lobby & get things passed. We need to be pro-active instead of always reactive.

I think what has taken place the last year, has got alot of peoples attention. But I'm not sure we are anymore organized, or prepared to fight & win any battles - So huntersasurus may be gathering south of Devils Lake & is being surrounded by wolves after all ??? :eyeroll: ???
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