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Hunting Pressure - It's all relative

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A few of us actually tried to waterfowl hunt Nov. 1 -3. We were scouting the area just north of Lake Alice by Devils Lake. There was virtually nothing around. We drove all over looking for birds. Just before sunset we found ducks flying. They were dumping into an unharvested brushy pea field. We had not seen any other hunters all day. But, wouldn't you know it. There was another vehicle with a hunter scouting the same field. I felt pressured.

Isn't it funny. Just one other hunter made it seem overcrowded. I guess that hunting pressure is all relative. When there is more than one party scouting the same flock, there is competition.

(By the way, the field and the roost were all posted by the local Devils Lake pimps (guides). So, it didn't matter. Neither one of us wanted to shell out the $150 asking fee to shoot a few mallards.
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