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someone posted this on fishingbuddy:
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The Fund for Animals is starting a drive to make sure that all US Representatives vote against house bill 5612. If the house would vote that down, it would prevent all hunting on federal public lands. That would include Waterfowl Production Areas.

These radicals state that "H.R. 5612 represents a knee-jerk reaction to the natural decay of a dying hobby -- sport hunting -- whose days are numbered. The most recent data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service indicates that hunters represent a dwindling special interest group."

i've also read a little on the grassland plan that would reduce grazing on the public grasslands that is already at very very low prices, 75,000 people put input on this accross the US, most in favor of the bill, but the few ranchers that get this bargain grazing put up a lot of fuss, Conrad, Dorgan, and Pomeroy all suggested a rewrite of the plan so it wouldn't reduce grazing!

we need to get on top of these issues as well as ND's
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