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How Was Your Opener ND Residents?

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Was surprised that no one had posted today or tonight about their succes(es) on waterfowl today. I hear the winds were pretty bad and my friend Capt. Hook in Granville had some success on geese.

So, lets hear some reports, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Thanks from someone who has to wait another month...................
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I think everyone that was hunting on the Nodakoutdoors member shoot ended up doing pretty well. Our group limited out on ducks both days shooting mostly mallards and limited out on geese as well on Saturday field hunting. Went to water sunday and besides ducks picked up 4 "bonus" honkers. My first duck of the year was a drake mallard, which I found out to be banded when I picked it up! My first duck band! What a thrill.

This was the greatest opener I've had, and I'm not just talking about actual hunting but the overall experience. Getting a chance to meet Chris and some guys from the site was really cool and I had an unbelievable time hanging out around the hotel (and bar :) ) after the shooting was over. It's not often that you have as much fun out of the field as well as in it! A huge thanks to Chris for setting this up, it truly was an unforgettable opener. You can bet I'll be there next year. :D

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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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