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How much rain?

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Just curious how much rain everyone has been receiving this week?

I'm not sure as to the official rain total here in Fargo but it's gotta be at least a couple inches this week.
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Yeah I need some sun & dry weather - building a deck (at the lake) in the rain is no fun :(
We only recieved about 1/2 inch up here.
We received 1.5 inches and A LOT of wind!! Myself and 4 other guys cleared roads from 10:45p-3a so people could get out of town yesterday morning. Quite a few trees blown over and branches everywhere. I cleaned up my yard from 6-10:30 last night. We sure didn't need all that wind or the rain. The farmers are going to have a hard time with spraying. Hopefully we can get a little dryer weather for the farmers down here!!
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