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How do you plan to hunt snow geese this spring?

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How do you intend to hunt snow geese this spring?
Pass Shooting24.76%
Field Hunting over Decoys921.43%
Water Hunting over Decoys37.14%
Field/Water Decoy Spread819.05%
Traditional sneak/jump shooting by crawling and pushing37.14%
Using a Cow Decoy to sneak24.76%
A combination of many above1535.71%
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I'm curious to see how everyone plans to approach snow goose hunting this spring? I would appreciate all info.
I sure hope so GB3. Building that many decoys should be worth it.

It sounds like gandergrinder is ready to lay 'em down. Still can't wait to see the customs!
The secret decoy is basically custom painted floaters. I only know one other group running them up here.

But I'm pretty convinced that if you're on the X in the spring with the right conditions you can still get into them with any kind of decoy. One of my best decoying days last year was when I carried out 6 floaters and 8 windsocks by myself. If I would've been accompanied by 3 guys it could've been a triple digit day.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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