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How do you plan to hunt snow geese this spring?

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How do you intend to hunt snow geese this spring?
Pass Shooting24.76%
Field Hunting over Decoys921.43%
Water Hunting over Decoys37.14%
Field/Water Decoy Spread819.05%
Traditional sneak/jump shooting by crawling and pushing37.14%
Using a Cow Decoy to sneak24.76%
A combination of many above1535.71%
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8) this is my very first reply and my very first time throwing out the deeks by myself since my friend who started and ran a company called BEARTOOTH PRODUCTS passed away he was only 29 so those of you who might think that somrtimes hunting is tough just remember your still hunting and i must carry on Nathan Elliott's passion and that is to hunt wind rain snow or shine geese or no geese i am ready to go thanks for all the great memories Nathan and oh by the way you had better pray to the goose gods for me
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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