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How do you plan to hunt snow geese this spring?

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How do you intend to hunt snow geese this spring?
Pass Shooting24.76%
Field Hunting over Decoys921.43%
Water Hunting over Decoys37.14%
Field/Water Decoy Spread819.05%
Traditional sneak/jump shooting by crawling and pushing37.14%
Using a Cow Decoy to sneak24.76%
A combination of many above1535.71%
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Small water spread. 30 snows 11 blues. I will use a few full bodies on shore if it looks natural. I'm going to be pass shooting as much as decoying. It seems often the first pass is the closest. I will be using a boat sometimes .I will be hunting some sloughs that will be to deep to wade. 2 ecallers If it is cloudy I may use some sillys on shore mixed with others Sillys will not be in the water unless it is very overcast.Best to keep them on the mud. May use eliminators if necessary. Hope not less gear the better. Blow a snow goose call by Ron Weinke. Like it really matters with all the noise they make. custom choke big fast loads. good luck
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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