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How do you feel about Hoeven omitting the Youth Season?

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How do you feel about the Governor's Decision about removing the Youth Season?
I didn't think the Youth Season was useful.00.00%
I think it's a shame that they sold out the kids.1990.48%
I think that week could be put to better economical use.00.00%
It should be open to everyone.29.52%
Not sure.00.00%
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Just curious where everyone stands, including the silent.

The best hunt I had last year was with my son and I did not have a gun. It was the youth hunt and he had ducks all over him. The youth hunt was a "special" hunt that my kids felt a real desire to be a part of. It was time in the field before everyone else hits your favorite spot. It is a shame Hoevan is/will considering to sell out the youth in the name of economic development. I hope the youth hunt stays!
being this would be my last year eligible for the youth season it ticks me off. Those 2 days were probably my best hunts of the season last year, even if it was only teal and geese.
Hoven is just an idiot. Let's see just how much he can screw up before we vote him out. :eyeroll: He really did it here by screwing over the youth of ND.
How about giving up the first 2 days for the kids. Start the season on Monday. Dont forget you can always leave the gun at home and dedicate a good shoot for your, or other kids you can get out hunting. We some times get a little selfish and forget how important it is to get kids hunting. It doesent alway take a special season.
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