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How about an Outfitter Tax

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So ND has all these guides and outfitters that charge $200 to $500 per day for hunting in ND.

Why not legislate in a new tax (say 10% or 20%) onto any $$$$ that are payed to a licensed/registered outfitter. This money is then used to obtain more PLOT land.

Thus if an outfitter runs 8 people per day @ 250 /day for the month of October (8X250X31) he grosses $62,000. Tax adds $6,200 to $12,400 to the PLOT land acquisition fund.

Most states already have a hotel occupancy tax of 5 - 10%. In addition, Minnesota often has added an extra tax to raise money for stadiums, etc... Legislature adds a special tax to bars, hotels, etc... Money dedicated to special fund.
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:******: Why should they have to pay more taxes than any other job in this state. I think they should pay their fair share and nothing more. Give me one good reason why they should be treated differently than the average citizen.
:huh: I'm confused. Do you think that land people are leasing is land that was not posted in the first place. And who has trouble finding land to hunt on. You people act like you own land and have a right to hunt wherever you want. I have never had trouble finding"great land" to hunt on. Do I like outfitters? NO, but this is America, and if you own land or lease it you have the right to do with it as you please. It sounds to me a lot of people on this web site think they should be able to hunt wherever they want and if we had no guides or outfitters they would be able to do that. This is not true, there is the same amt. of land posted today as there 15 years ago. The big difference in my opinion is there is fewer resident hunters than when I was growing up. They have been replaced by NR, which means I see the same amt of hunters every year, just now I see more NR. Some people will say this is because of access. Hogwash, when I hunted the early season goose/duck opener for residents only, there were very few hunting parties out. Just like after deer season, I have hunted non-posted land where I was told geese had been feeding for 3 weeks and set up and shot my limit. We drove around to look for other parties and saw two hunters in a 40 mile radius of Adubon.
What I don't like is everyone hunting opener, I would like to see license sold like this 20,000 NR, oct, 20,000, nov, 20,00 dec. This would relieve some of the pressure on opening weekends of upland and waterfowl.
I guess what I am saying is people there are plenty of birds and access for everyone. If your not finding this to be true you are looking in the wrong places(sw nd)
I also don't think attacking outfitters and guides does us any good. These people spend a LOT of money in this state which helps small towns and our tax base. If residents don't want to hunt we should not prevent NR from enjoying the resourse of this state.
I want to here from people on this board and tell me why I am wrong on this.
If you do not own land or lease land your rights depend on others. Do not make them angry. I have been told by some farmers they are not happy with the additude of the resident hunter.
Again please educate me, I am new to this board and would like to here from the people that are against NR hunters and Outfitters. Maybe you can change my mind. Good luck to all I know we all want the same thing, to be able to have area's to hunt forever!!! :beer:
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:D Fetch, I am new to this board and may have came off in a way I did not anticipate. We all have the same beliefs when it comes to basic principles, having land to hunt on, not having a majority of the land owned by a few select groups, and not having to constantly battle to find a good place to hunt....I am for caps...after reading I have np on a tax for outfitters, I am for spreading out NR license so not everyone is hunting opening weekend and no other time.
I am for always having NR hunters because I know from talking to business owners in my home town it is essential for survival. If we had more resident hunters that might not be the case but with rural pop down..we just don't have the numbers we used to. I am also sure we all want to work together as a group to try to get things done so we will be assured of a good future for ourselves and our kids... :beer: Please accept my apology....
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