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House Majority Leader

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Yesterday Rick Berg from Fargo was elected House Leader.Is that good or bad?Does he support limits?
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He received a D on the list posted by Chris on another topic page. I would not necessarily put much weight on past voting records. Last time around -ignorance likely prevailed.

Certainly some legislative people will move either way on the issue as they are lobbied by people or groups in their districts.
I have absolutely no idea.
Looking at his Bio info, he's from Hettinger. That might be a good
thing as he has some perspective on whats happening. However,the
D rating suggests its not a favorable perspective....

His committee's might suggest he's an economic development first
kinda guy.

Just guessing.



Standing: Agriculture, Industry, Business and Labor(Chairman) Procedural: 2001-2002 Interim: Budget Committee on Health Care, Commerce, Regulatory Reform Review

Owner/broker Goldmark Commercial Corp. Hettinger High School. BS agricultural economics North Dakota State University. FarmHouse Fraternity Foundation. 4-H Foundation. FCC - Economic Development Corp. Kids Voting. Chamber of Commerce. United Way. Hope Lutheran Church. Married. 1 child. Wife's name Tracy. House since 1985.
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Mr Bergs appointment of Jon Nelson as chairman of NRC loked very bad yesterday.It was a joke.He used it as a platform for his own veiws and attacked people speaking infavor of SB 2048.
At the Fargo Legislative Forum ( 2 weeks ago ), the question of regulating hunters and outfitters came up and he said he won't support them, and went on about money.

I'm pretty nervous about this.
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