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Any Predictions :

When (what date) will Governor Hoeven announce his waterfowl plan to the public ?

Will he address the press himself or have someone on the staff read the release ?

Winner gets a ....... :beer:

PH (your NR Republican ?)
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Please keep in mind that when Gov. Hoeven meets on limits that Ken Toop will say he represents the people of Cass County including Fargo and he will tell the Gov. that we favor 35000+. I have sent my e-mails to the Gov. and Hildebrand and encourage people here to do the same. I think we are being misrepresented by an insurance man who has western ND farm clients from what I understand. So while we pat ourselves on the back for going to meetings, he's telling the Gov. the opposite of how the majority feels. I challenge everybody to write Gov. Hoeven and Hildebrand today and tell them Ken Toop shouldn't be representing us. Please post back and let me know after you write. WE have fought the good fight but Ken Toop could cost us the War. Don't stop now!!!!
I hope he sticks to the 22,000 that the Game and Fish came up with. I received an e-mail back from Dean Hildebrand yesterday and I have to give him credit for being on top of things. Mr. Hildebrand replied within a couple of hours after I wrote him. At the meeting at the Kelly Inn in May Ken Toop told Marc H. and I that people in district thought 30-35k was a good number. He also refused to retract his quote that SOME hunters were only worried about themselves etc. It appears Mr. Toop read the comments and surveys from people at the meeting because he is now in favor of a 25k. limit:
"Ken Toop recommended a cap at 25,000. He recommended an earlier opener for
waterfowl for half days only. He also wanted to require l zone to be
selected by eliminating free status on Zone 3."

I fell a lot better about knowing these facts from Mr. Hildebrand and again want to give credit for being quick to answer questions and concerns.....
I also wanted to say it's too bad Full Force whatever won't come back to ND to hunt. I also like how he THINKS ND should have a 25-30K. Glad your telling a state you don't plan on coming to how it should be run
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