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Any Predictions :

When (what date) will Governor Hoeven announce his waterfowl plan to the public ?

Will he address the press himself or have someone on the staff read the release ?

Winner gets a ....... :beer:

PH (your NR Republican ?)
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If he had any brains at all he would have a forum with invited respected ND hunters & professionals. & have a 1 - 2 or 3 day summit. & discuss all the pros & cons - What has worked & failed in other states - what is best for ND Residents. What is reasonable - what is going to hurt our heritage & resources. What is real lasting / sustainable economic development. What is taking advantage of our free enterprize system & only in the best interests of Profit. :roll: this could take 1 -2 or 3 months or years ???

I want to hear what our paid experts (& I mean experts in the best - most positive & respected way) at the NDG&FD really have to say & if they have been really consulted & listened to ???

For now take a conservative but fair stand & raise or lower it as more study is done. Let the G&FD Director do his job. & sign what he presents.

Or suffer the consequences ??? & political backlash. DON"T let the Legislature try to work it out - that will be a disaster.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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