Manufacturer: HK
Model: SP5
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel: 8.86"
Bore Condition: Excellent
I've got for sale an HK SP5 semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. Serial number- 271-002776. This pistol is in excellent condition and comes with the original case, manual, two magazines, factory accessories, an MFI Picatinny scope base, and two slings. The Heckler & Koch MP5 is arguably the most imitated pistol-caliber carbine in the world. But even a pretty good copy is still just a copy. The truth is, you can only get a real HK from HK. And now there is finally an authentic sporting version of the MP5 in the US, and it’s a real HK.
If you're interested, contact me through Text 786-954-7441