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Hey Matt

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You may want to set the record straight on the Southern Duck Hunter board. I'm not a member so I can't post but the following was posted on the thread talking about the poachers:

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I think you can freeze them solid and overnite them to your wife or parents. That qualifies under the gift provision under the rules.
Also on the other site the Conservation officer who was in charge posted a thread about the arrest. More details to come. He also said they were observed stealing property from other hunter's boats(approx value-$2,000).


You may want to correct Catdaddy. Here is the link talking about the thefts: ... genumber=1

Captain 25 wrote: "One other note....during our surveilance of these individuals, 3 LADS ( 2 under the age of 18) decided to sneak in the dark and steal decoys from a boat and trailer at one of the motels right in front of us. As they made their retreat I had one of my guys get in behind them....and the chase was on. He pushed them into the waiting arms of a State trooper who happened to be in the right place too. We recovered decoys plus a garage full of previously stolen decoys and hunting items.
About $2000 worth of stuff. "
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