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Hey Matt Jones ???

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Is that you??? that got a assist on the 3rd goal friday night ???
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Nah, that wasn't me. You aren't the first person to ask me if I play hockey though...I think there's like three Matt Jones' at UND. I've met one other one and then there's the one that plays hockey. They're might even be more! :)

One farmer that I know let's me keep my dekes at his place so I don't have to lug them back and forth between home and where I usually hunt. One of his friend's was hunting with him one weekend and had brought his daughter along. Anyway, one morning while picking up my dekes they're getting ready to go hunting too, and it turns out she's a big sioux hockey fan and couldn't believe that they knew "The" 'Matt Jones' from UND (obviously thinking I'm the hockey player). She was maybe 13-14 and she comes up and shyly asks if I play hockey...So I had to dissapoint her by telling the truth (sometimes I think I should just lie 8) ). Damn that Matt Jones!!!'s pretty sad but I can't even skate. :D
Ahhh those hockey players only get to hunt sundays - if they sober up enough, or get up by noon :lol:
I actually ran into a couple of them (I didn't ask their names) at the gas station in Michigan a couple weeks back. It was kind of funny because one asked if I was hunting (I was decked out in camo...duh?), after I said yes he said they were hunting too. Then he started talking about how 'Coach' makes them practice everyday. I was like,"Do you guys play football or something?" He almost took it as an insult and said, "No, Hockey." He just started talking about hockey like I was supposed to ask for his autograph or something or be in awe. I asked them how they did and they shot a few gadwall and spoonbills. They asked how I did so I told him I limited on greenheads with a nice drake pinnie for my bonus duck.

...he told me they were going to be good at hockey this year. :D
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