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Hey FETCH!!!!!

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:beer: The pups were born today, 14 of them!!!! I posted the pic I got over on the fuge ND forum, I am beat, headed to bed. Later man. :beer:
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I will smoke a Cigar tonight in their honor :beer:

14 is a bunch - my lab had two litters of 12 - It is alot of work - to be sure all get fed & none crushed.

what colors ???

I can't wait :D
Man that's alot of puppies. Good luck and i hope everything goes well with them.
How many M & F ???

That darker one (in the middle) or one of the whiter ones are interesting - I wish I could see them everyday until they are old enough (or every weekend) ???
Give Bruce a call, I am sure you could come and look. 9 males, 5 females not sure how colors relate to sex yet here. Tom

What is the asking price for the pups? Are the females more expensive?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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