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Here's another one...SB2242

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Evidently no one has noticed this one! It would allow for a spring Canada season.
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Spring Season
May be they want this on the books in case the USF&WS adds Large Canada geese to the spring conservation season.

Goose Crop Depredation "Kill Permits"
1) An ongoing event in Minnesota

2) NDG&F issued permits in 2002. Expect an increase in permits in 2003. Read all about it in ND Outdoors. ... erview.pdf

Did some digging. And....

A few years back the ND legislature had to scramble to allow nonresidents to hunt with a $50 license and no days counted against their 14 days in the fall.

The SB2242 will do the same now for Canada geese.

Introduced by Sen. Heitkamp, Espegard, Fischer
Introduced by Rep. Amerman, Gulleson, Nelson
A BILL for an Act to create and enact a new section to chapter 20.1-04 of the North Dakota
Century Code, relating to hunting of Canada geese; and to amend and reenact section
20.1-03-07.1 of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to nonresident waterfowl hunting
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20.1-04 : Deals with what birds you can shoot, import, etc... Did not really see anything on dates or time periods. Confirms Muzzy's comments regarding proclamation.

20.1-03-07.1: This is the part of the Century code that details the 14 days NR license, etc .... It states only ONE license per year per each NR. I assume this is the part of the ND Century code that would be changed by the HPC bill.

20.1-03-07.3: Nonresident Spring White Goose License. It is this part of the Century code that allows a NR to buy a spring White Goose License and still remain eligible for a fall general waterfowl NR license.

Note it is for White Goose Only. Thus Canada goose needs to be added.

So if this bill is modifying 3-07.3 : It is adding Canada goose to white goose for spring season.

Just read the bill. By governors proclamation ... spring canada goose season ... NR can participate too.... Nothing devious - simply will not count against fall 14 days.

Do not doubt your knowledge. Believe you are in wildlife enforcement, correct ? I have friends that work for both the NDG&F and USF&WS in ND. They are all good guys and know their stuff.

Yep, yep. I know the Feds rule the waterfowl roost and their rules on waterfowl govern anything the states can do. (what, how and when). Most everyone on this site should know the USF&WS role.

First of all it was Ken that started this posted and said it allows a spring Canada goose season. My original post on this thread says:
May be they want this on the books in case the USF&WS adds Large Canada geese to the spring conservation season.

It was also me that actually read the bill and stated it had to deal with issuing NR licenses - if the season was to occur.

You may not be reading my comments closely or your answer seems to be a day or two late. Read my BLUE highlighted statement in my 1-23-03 post. I already posted the comments about the conservation order and NR spring licenses not counting against the 14 fall days.

Note that 20.1-03-07.3: Nonresident Spring White Goose License. Canadas not allowed under this spring licens. Now before you go on me again:

Remember that the ND legislature meets every other year. This bill would simply allow the governor to include or add a Canada goose season for NRs (again without impacting the 14 days in the fall) by proclamation.

The fact that the bill says by proclamation of the governor :: In my opinion means a season is not a guarentee .. just if and a big IF ... the Feds were to allow such a season.

While I do not usually return home to ND for spring snow geese, I do have to congratulate these senators for being proactive in case a season is allowed in a spring when the ND legislature is not open for business. Doubt the gov would call a special session for this one.
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OK with that discussion behind me. If the FEDs were ever to go in that direction, no one on this site has discussed if they think a spring Canada goose season is a good idea.

Sky carp, SOB, tundra killers - spring season has been biologically documented as one method of attempting to control the population explotion. Even in spring, hunters are pursuing larger flocks of birds - using more typical hunting methods (except e-callers, no plugs).

Local Canada geese that nest in ND - in my book are a different story. These birds are usually paired up and establishing territories when they return to ND. Usually standing on the ice - waiting for the ice to clear.

I would NOT like to see them harassesd and shot as these pairs are setting up to nest. Impact on fall population too great ???

Must be better ways to control their population ? Is it a real issue or simply a very localized issue that can be solved by summer kill permits ?

What does everyone else think ?
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