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Starting next season the NCAA will stop using leather basketballs. PETA and other animal rights groups urged them to stop using the traditional b-balls and switch to ones made from synthetic materials.

"We're always looking for new ways to prevent animal cruelty," said PETA's Sports Campaign coordinator Dan Shannon.

PETA expects the NBA to switch soon as well and the WNBA already uses balls made from pleather, a synthetic leather. Shannon said PETA has also contacted MLB, and the NFL about switching of baseballs and footballs to a synthetic substance.

First off, I find it extremely disturbing and scary that PETA is so organized they have their own Sports Division coordinator. I can't believe the NCAA would change the material that basketballs have been made from, and played with for over a hundred the urging of some animal whacko's. Like the general public cares that the ball is made from leather. I guess I better get used to this kind of crap since it's only going to get worse. Just reading this makes me want to go grill up some steaks or burgers. :******:
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