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All kidding aside when I seen this I first thought of you Ryan because it has to do with age.
When Kerry was talking about what silly questions the press sometimes asks he used for an example the question of boxers or briefs ( no really this wasn't important) that Clinton was asked and evidently Kerry too. Kerry said in McCains case it would be depends. Oh, another example of those loving, tolerant liberals.

You know as old as I am I can remember people not giving the young credit for brains when it was due. I told myself I would never become prejudice against young people when I became older. Today I have many young friends. I was never prejudice against old people either when I was young. I didn't know that existed until I became older. I have current friends today from teens to 90's. It's like listening to music, if you enjoy rock, country, classic, and opera your way ahead of those who enjoy only one.
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