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Help Wanted: Placekicker needed for Minnesota Vikings

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Tryouts will be held this week. I have never seen a team squander leads like these guys. I just don't need that kind of aggravation on a Sunday. I am still in shock. Running game looked good, but I am not a fan of the three back rotation. How can Bennet get better not getting twenty carries. I also think the Randy ratio is not a good idea. You have three talented receivers along with tight ends, backs, QB's so spread the ball around. Just my opinion. Looks like we could have another high draft pick we can't sign :lost:
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Fetch, I have to hand it to ya! I think you will come in about the closest-provided they get that first win :lol: Now, I don't mean to poke too much fun-but I still have a limited number of Bronco Bandwagon Tickets if anyone cares to get on the Gold Express :roll: That is the only thing that interferes with hunting- is Sunday afternoons are like a holy day-when the Bronc's are playing, TV is loud, Beer is cold, Phone is off the hook :beer:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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