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Hello all - I'm wondering if anyone here has seen or heard of a new plastic coated wire leader material that you wrap around a few times and tie it off by means of a small flame untill melted -looking for the name of this stuff if anyone can help,thanks
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I asked my buddy who's a musky fanatic, and here's what he replied:

It's called Surflon, its a nylon coated wire which is used for fly fishing
and is good leader material, I use it for pike leaders on my tip ups in the
winter, and if I do any fly fishing for skees or pike this is what I would
use for a tippet... A company called American Fishing Products makes it,
mostly used in saltwater flyfishing applications as a shock tippet. If you
want something thats easy to work with get the 25# or 36#, you can basically
tie a clinch knot or surgeons knot and heat it up and you have a leader.
Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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