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This just passed the house 83-9.
It will open the pheasant season the Sat. after duck season in half the years and 2 weeks after duck the other half.
All GNF lands will be for res. only the first 7 days for all hunting.
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Ken, its actually a little different than that. 1223 ALLOWS (not sets or requires) the pheasant opener the latter of first Sat. in Oct. or one week following the duck opener. This means the Gov. COULD (not shall) allow the pheasant opener one week following the duck opener every year, with the effect the pheasant opener would be one week earlier than the recent traditional opener in one-half of all years (i.e. when the duck opener occurs in Sept.). Because it only PERMITS (not directs) an earlier opener in one-half of all years, it really represents no change in current law, except for the very neat PLOTS effect.

1223 will get acted upon in the Senate soon. This bill ran into some weird dynamics in the Senate last time so it's very important everyone contact their Senator asking him/her to accept the conf. report and vote YES.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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