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Now this is a bill that really sucks!!!! Speeding in ND and not having to pay an outrageous fine should be something everyone can enjoy. :lol:

Bill to increase speeding penalties altered in House
By Janell Cole
[email protected]
The Forum - 02/15/2003

BISMARCK - A bill proposing uniform speeding fines in North Dakota has undergone a softening in the House Transportation Committee and will get a vote next week.

Instead of a flat $5 for each mile a vehicle is traveling over the speed limit as proposed by an interim legislative committee, speeders on highways and roads would see only $3 per mile for the first 10 mph above the speed limit.

The changes in House Bill 1047 will have to be approved by the full House and go on to the Senate.

Currently, the state's speeding fines are an inconsistent mishmash most drivers don't understand. The fines are based on the speed limit, the type of road traveled and how fast the vehicle is moving. Law enforcement officers use a formula to determine what roads and what speeds incur the different penalties.

For instance, on some roads, 6 to 10 miles over the limit is a $5 fine plus an added $1 for each mph beyond 5 mph over the limit. Another example: Speeding 21 to 25 mph over the speed limit is $25 plus $3 for each mph over 20 mph over limit.

As introduced, HB 1047's $5-per-mile penalty would have applied from the first mile over the limit: traveling 75 mph in a 65-mph zone would be $50.

The amendment proposes a penalty of $3 per mile over the speed limit, up to 10 mph over, and then $5 per mile over 10 mph.

With this schedule, speeding 74 mph in a 65-mph zone, or 9 miles over the speed limit, will net a $27 fine. But going 76 mph in a 65-mph zone triggers $5 mile per hour from the first mile, so it is $55.

At one time earlier this week, the bill also had been amended to raise the speed limit on the interstate highways from 70 mph to 75 mph, but the committee removed it Friday, said Rep. Kathy Hawken, R-Fargo, vice chairman of the Transportation Committee.

She said the 75 mph increase will be attached instead to a DUI bill that is yet to be voted on.
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