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Just to bring you up to speed. What they have done is voted in the house on this bill to make the pro gun ban liberals look good, then blocked it in the senate to keep it from passing. Reid is playing a shell game with us.

From GOA:

Last week, we told you how the U.S. House of Representatives had
overwhelmingly voted to pass a bill repealing the D.C. gun ban (HR 6842).

But we also warned you that there was not much time left in the legislative
session, and that Majority Leader Harry Reid might try to kill the bill.

That's why we asked you to petition your Senators to urge Reid for a vote in
the Senate.

Well, the good news is that 47 Senators have listened to you and have
cosigned a letter addressed to the Majority Leader from Senator Kay Bailey
Hutchison. These signatures were obtained in two short days with Senators
getting ready to leave town.

The bad news is that our predictions have come true. Sen. Reid is trying to
use procedural maneuvers to keep the bill from coming to the Senate floor
for a vote.

Without a vote in the Senate, it becomes clear that the House vote was an
election year ploy... a deal cut by two anti-gunners: House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Put another way, the House vote merely provides "cover" for
many "F" rated

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Harry Reid needs a really good A$$ kicking ...

And I'm just the guy to give it to him in 2010 ... when he is up for re-election.

I'll surely be in position, behind the curtain, with my finger on the button :)

I tried hard last round, but there was no other candidate with any credibility among the masses ... I lost that round :(
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