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I went to a Red Hawks game on Sat. (My 1st)

& it was one of the FUNNEST things I have done in along time.

This is great baseball & the game I saw had it all (Red Hawks vs the KC T Bones) Good pitching - a no hitter for the RedHawks thru 6 - That 1st baseman (Rumfield) is a solid hitter - & how it ended was fantastic !!! They went ahead in the top of 9th 3-2 & then brought in a guy who threw 93 mph & a RedHawk (Gerald) hit one out on him :D then in the bottom of the 10th that 1st baseman (Big guy like Hrbek) bounced one off the right center wall with men on 1st & 2nd.

The place was sold out & FUN - lots of good food & :beer: - GateCity was the corp. sponsor & had wonderful fireworks for their 80th anniversary.

I will defintely go again !!! what great entertainment :eek:k:
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