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I just received this email from GOA. Please take a couple of minutes to read. And view your states politicians for thier voting record and stance on gun control.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

With the election less than one month away, Gun Owners of America is
doing its best to keep gun owners informed about who is protecting your
rights in the Congress.

Many gun owners are familiar with the differences between the candidates
at the presidential level, but how well do they know the views and actions
of those who are running at the congressional level?

On the campaign trail, almost no candidates for Congress admit to being
against gun rights, making the tasks of compiling the Gun Owners of
America congressional candidate rating both more difficult, and more

GOA determines grades for candidates first based on any past voting
record. Then, all candidates receive a detailed questionnaire. But what
about those with no record and who were not open enough to return a
questionnaire that would reveal their true colors?

In past elections such candidates could be assigned grades by simply
going to a campaign website. Learning what a candidate thought about
issues like banning "assault weapons" and waiting periods for
purchases was lurking behind a button labeled "gun control."

Not any more. For one thing, it's virtually impossible to find a link that
says "gun control" on any campaign website. If a candidate
mentions gun
rights at all (and most don't) it is usually in the context of
Second Amendment rights."

A reader will find comments such as this one, referring to the recent
Supreme Court decision striking down the gun ban in the nation's capital:

"I agree with the Supreme Court's interpretation last week that an
absolute prohibition against gun ownership violates the Second
Amendment right for citizens to bear arms."

That may sound good at first blush, but a careful reading will reveal
that this statement -- made by a former mayor who had considered
joining other cities in suing gun makers out of existence in 1999 -- is
almost meaningless.

Facing this kind of doublespeak, it is especially important that voters
take advantage of tools like the 2008 Gun Owners of America voter

The stakes are high in this election, as they always are. The main
focus is on the presidential race. If elected, Barak Obama would be the
most anti-gun president this country has ever seen, and his
vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden is just as bad. John McCain has
been all over the map on the gun issue, but he did choose a stellar
pro-gun running mate in Sarah Palin.

While the White House may be up for grabs, liberal Democrats are in
firm control of both chambers of Congress. With all the media
attention on the race at the top of the ticket, it is important to
remember that it is in the Congress where most of the battles over
gun rights occur.

GOA's Voter Guide will soon be landing in mailboxes around the
nation. But you can also view an online version of this guide at:

GOA hopes you will make use of this valuable tool and share it with
your family and friends. Please distribute this e-mail far and wide.
Thank you!
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