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Gun Control Poll in Today's Forum

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The Forum is running a gun control poll today (Thursday). Click the link and scroll down on the left hand side and cast your vote.
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It is also worded very vaguely. Sounds like your voting in favor of a background check but the results can then be displayed as "64% of viewers are in favor of Gun control..." :eyeroll:
Hopefully this does not take this forum on too much of a tangent but...

What are everyones thoughts on a background check and waiting period for gun purchases?

I personally do not mind either (as long as the wait is acceptable (I prefer under 7 days)). When I lived in Ca (in the military) I purchased a couple handguns and had a couple weeks wait. It seemed like an extremely long wait at the time but was not that bad looking back at it.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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