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The GreenSkins teams are now up. There are 2 teams that are still getting organized, and the final team spread will be displayed at the hotel lounge Friday night.


Dirty Duckers - 2002 GreenSkins Classic Winners (Reigning Champs)
Matt Jones
Philip Bettenburg (pjb1816)
Phillip Maguire (PJ)
Lyle Sinner

Lead Shot - 2002 Runner Ups
Travis Lian (Jig Head)
Christian Kiedrowski (CKiedrowski)
Bob Fercho
Mason Persons

Mallard Whackers
Tyler Ellenson (Goosebuster3)
Zach Herrman (Decoyer)
Matt Heinzen
Dan Larson

The Widow Makers
Jason Phillips (duxnbux)
Jake Hendrix (Drixmein)
Josh Phillips
Brad Lien

Family Tradition
Lee Simon (cbass)
Bryan Kenner
Randy Simon
Curt Kenner

Goose Commanders
Andrew Gegelman (buckmaster)
Lee Myklebust
John Anderson
Marcus Anderson

No Fly Zone
Jed Fluhrer (gandergrinder)
Mark Nawrot (MRN)
Aaron Anderson (BenelliBlaster)
Dave Young

Don't Blame Chuck
Mike Hustad (The Boss)
Eric Hustad
Chuck Shambaugh
Stan Weins

Nodak Crew
Chris Hustad
Taylor Ells (Maverick)
Doug Panchot
Brad Anderson

<Team 10>

<Team 11>

Looking forward to seeing you all up there!
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