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Grand Forks Boys step up

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Those of you from GF. I would like to meet :beer: and then have a follow up meeting with our legislatators. I happen to know a couple of them fairly well and be willing to help arange this. Send me a private or post here.
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I'd be interested ??? I have more time now. I'd like to meet all from the area. We have to get together - This is a great idea ! Some where we can talk & not be crowded & rushed ???

I talk more in person than I do online :roll: :wink:
Where are the rest of the Forkers ??? Zogman & I are planning a meeting :beer: - I hate wearing my Kevlar vest :roll: so were keeping the time & date & where TOP Secret :wink:

PM either of us (???)
I'm all down for a GF 'Roundup'...that is if Fetch has an extra vest for me! :lol:

Check your PM's. :wink:
Come on RedLabel ??? We won't bite :roll: :wink: You can be YODA ??? :D
Meeting at the Hub 5:30pm Wednesday, November 20th,2002. Discussion to center on priorities to present to our local legislators regarding the future of ND Hunting and way of life.
I will do my best to get there. I do have something going on a little earlier, but will try and step it up so I can get over there.
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