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Being from Saskatchewan I have been blessed with some of the most unbelievable hunting and fishing on this planet. However, through all my years of being an outdoor enthusiast I have never been exposed to such awesome display of geese.

Picture this.................... One of the warmest, calmest evenings an October has to offer. The sun has already set but there is still a fire red light in the sky still glowing off the lake. The calm water is creating the perfect reflection, making one wonder where does the lake end and the sky begin. That moment in and of itself it is so picturesque.

However, the real beauty of this senario is the 1000's upon 10 000 upon 100 000 geese that were all coming back to the lake to roost for the night. For 55 minutes there was a continuous stream of bird circling, circling, and circling some more and then finally after slowing decending from the skies, they found a landing spot on lake and a place to spend the night.

As I looked to the west all I could see were the strings upon strings of geese outlined by the sunset. WOW. Tonight I experienced seeing more geese than ever before. It was truely one of those moments where one sits back to try and take it all in. It is times like this that create memories that we never forget. A picture engraved in my mind forever.

Any who........ I felt compelled to share this experience with you guys. In case you guys are wondering I am in Macklin, it is a small town on the Alberta/Sask border.

Gents...and Ladies......5:30 comes really quick..........L8R........Todder
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