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Goose hatch

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The 2003 USFW Status of Waterfowl is now online.It looks like the Snows,Ross,and Whitefronts all had a good hatch.Lots of young ones.

Go to ... fowl03.pdf
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You can't tell me things like the snows having a good hatch. It makes me think I will have to go to Canada this fall. The pressure is starting to become to much. :eek:
I can hardly wait.I haven't had a good fall snow hunt in 3 years.Time to go back to Canada....47 days to go.
Canada is starting to sound real good. I was going to stay local this year but it's so good up there without all the G/Os that we have here for the snow goose huntiing that it's starting to sound good again. Maybe an old guy (45-?) trip would be ok at the midde to end of Oct. Wouldn't have to go too far north at that time of year. Maybe someone else would be interested?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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