We've got a great selection of videos on duck calling instructions and goose calling instructions. Learn all the duck calling tips and goose calling tips you need for the field and on stage. These come highly recommended!

Honker Talk - Goose Calling Tips

To get the most out of the instructions, you'll need to have RealPlayer for the audio clips. Click the below image for a free download.

Nodak Outdoors has put together a complete self guide to learning to blow a short reed goose call. Complete with photos so you can actually see what we're explaining and audio clips so you can hear the results. Blowing a short reed for the first time can be intimidating, but with step by step instructions, you'll be on your way!
Our audio clips are streamed with RealPlayer, for faster downloads. So the instructions won't take long.
Here's a couple peaks as to what you can expect:

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